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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Goodbye 2009. Hello 2010

Happy New Year!!! Wow, it's another year. It's always a good time to reflect on the previous year and to think about what is going to come in the new year.

Some highlights of 2009

* Luke was born :)
(here he is on the day he was born)

* Jack turned two and grew so much in 2009. His language has come along so well and I'm enjoying the little boy he is
* I was a SAHM (well, on maternity leave) from March and loved it
* I found quilting!! (and knitting... and crafting... and blogging... and... lol!)
* I was a better friend and made an effort to catch up with people
* Hubby found his passion - photography - and started steps to becoming a better photographer

Things to look forward to in 2010

* Organising the house (really excited about this!)
(this is our place)

* Finish decorating our house (the painting we started in 2006 is going to be finished!)
* Celebrate Jack's 3rd birthday and Luke's 1st birthday
* Do a lot of sewing and use up a lot of the fabric stash I have before buying any new fabric (I will have to try very hard to not buy more fabric....)
* Start our vegie patch (we are going it this week)
* Compost and have less waste
* Garden regularly and plant some more plants around the yard / in pots
* Save money
* Live cheaper
* Be more active
* Go camping with the boys
* Find a playgroup and meet some more people
* Keep regularly meeting up with friends to keep those relationships going
* Take steps to having own business one day. Will have to go back to work part time this year, but I will be thinking of it as a stepping stone to something better!

So, it's mainly going to be a year about our house, our family, our friends and living a bit more cheaply, simplifying, enjoying life and the outdoors. Can't wait :)

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