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Saturday, September 24, 2011

It's my birthday!

I love my birthday. It still feels just as exciting to me as when I was a little girl, even if today I turned 34!

I slept in. Til 9:45!!! I KNOW!!! Then my hubby made me homemade egg & bacon McMuffins. And yes, they were just as good as Ronald McDonald's ones :)

My kiddies woke me up with a lovely card and some flowers. Tonight I'm off to Gold Class movies with my hubby. Bring it on!

New labels

I've now got some new labels :) I decided to change them to just have text and to be a bit smaller. They are fold over ones and will look great on my items. I haven't been adding labels to all of my products in the past, but I think it looks more professional if I do, so I'm now going to :)

I went with using the same font as my logo that was designed by Frangipani Designs which keeps all my business stuff a bit more streamlined.

Here's the new label on my bag bags.

Not sure if they can be seen to well, but I think they look fabbo!!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Made it - pick editor

This week on Made It I am one of the seller's picks editors. This means that my favourite items on Made It are featured for a week on the pick's page.

Here's a couple of them :)

There are also more which are also fantastic products. Have a browse around Made It and check out all the lovely handmade items :)

Monday, September 19, 2011

Going out to dinner... with the kids

I think it was around the time Jack (4.5 years) was around 6 months that I realised that going out to dinner would become something that other people did. Not me. And my screaming child! He's been a lively little boy his whole life and likes to move. And not sit still. Which makes restaurant dining not a very pleasant experience!

We are lucky in that our local pub has a little play area, so we have been able to go to the pub for dinner with the kiddies.

But, now that Jack is 4.5 he is easier. And sits still for longer periods of time while colouring / chatting.

I've missed going out for Chinese. I love Chinese food and while takeaway is awesome, I miss sitting on the daggy old chairs and using their chopsticks. Why are Chinese restaurants always quite daggy??? lol

So we went to dinner at the Chinese restaurant last Friday night. And guess what?? A success!! Yay

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Our creative spaces - Babushka Dolls

I'm working on some more Babushka Softie Dolls today. They are are new item to my store and market stall and have been getting great response. I'm happy with the result :) Today I'm working on some pink ones.

For more creative spaces, check out this link