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Monday, September 19, 2011

Going out to dinner... with the kids

I think it was around the time Jack (4.5 years) was around 6 months that I realised that going out to dinner would become something that other people did. Not me. And my screaming child! He's been a lively little boy his whole life and likes to move. And not sit still. Which makes restaurant dining not a very pleasant experience!

We are lucky in that our local pub has a little play area, so we have been able to go to the pub for dinner with the kiddies.

But, now that Jack is 4.5 he is easier. And sits still for longer periods of time while colouring / chatting.

I've missed going out for Chinese. I love Chinese food and while takeaway is awesome, I miss sitting on the daggy old chairs and using their chopsticks. Why are Chinese restaurants always quite daggy??? lol

So we went to dinner at the Chinese restaurant last Friday night. And guess what?? A success!! Yay

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