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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Our baby girl

I haven't updated about our girl! I guess I have an excuse..... I've been enjoying my little newborn. And trying to sleep when I can!

 On the 4th of December, our daughter Sophie Charlotte entered the world. And she's so gorgeous. She weighed in at 3870 grams or 8 pounds 5 ounces with dark brown hair and a cute little face :)

The boys adore her. Luckily, she's pretty patient and puts up with them right in her face!! They want to help and hold her all the time. It's quite sweet even if it can be a little annoying when I'm trying to feed her and they are fighting over whose turn it is to hold her! haha. 


 She's now a month old and sometimes I can't believe she's already here but other times it feels like she's been here forever. She's starting to interact a bit with the boys and tries to reach out to them. So gorgeous to see them all together.

 We are pretty sure our family is now complete. And that feels good! Hubby had 3 weeks off work once Sophie was home and now he's back to work and it's just me with the 3 kids. I thought I'd panic, but hey, it's working ok so far! I've even taken all 3 to the park. I can do this! haha.