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Thursday, September 27, 2012

I'm getting impatient. I've been checking and double checking the letter box since I put in my fabric order last week (or was it the week before??) on etsy. I want it now! I know, I know, it needs to come from America so it can take a little while.

While I'm waiting, I decided to look for more fabric. Yep. I put in another fabric order today. And now I'll have to wait for that order too...... hmmmm.

I'm loving this new range out from Riley Blake. I'm thinking I'll make a cute little quilt and some cushions :)

And I thought I'd add into my cart some chevron. I really love chevron and have looked at it for ages. I'm going to make a couple of cushions for our lounge and maybe a wall hanging.


Sunday, September 16, 2012

Choosing fabric

One of my favourite pass times is searching the 'net for fabric. Soooo many choices out there!

In the past, I would have so many favourite fabrics that I would use if I were ever to have a girl. Now that we are having a girl, I keep changing my mind over and over as to what fabrics I will choose.

I want to make for her
* quilt for her cot
* mini quilt for her cradle
* play mat quilt
* pram blanket / quilt
* bunting for her room
* fabric letters for her name (when we finally choose one!)

My favourite colour is pale blue / duck egg blue, but I also wanted to add in pale pink to make it nice and girly. So, I wanted to choose floral, dots, vintagey looking, soft, pale pink, pale blue & white.

Ta Da!! found a great little bundle on etsy. I've ordered a yard in each colour. It's Tanya Whelan fabric and is perfect :)


Saturday, September 15, 2012

Luke turns 3

In April, my little boy Luke turned 3! He's such a delight to have around. He's a shy little thing around most people, but at home he is a scream. Such a funny little boy who loves to entertain us.

He wanted animal figures for his birthday and he wanted a Rio (the movie) themed "party" with his 3 little mates at the park. Bless him.

It was easy to organise. All I had to do was print up a sign or 2 saying "Luke's Rio party" and we were set. He was so happy with that! haha. Cutie

The birthday boy with 2 of his new animals

Luke's birthday cake. A 3 in blue and orange with a Rio bird printout. 

He loved his little poster I made! so easy!

Checking out his cake. 

Blowing out his candles

and here he was as a newborn


Gender reveal cake

I thought I'd have a bit of fun when I found out that baby number 3 is a girl.

I originally told my 2 closest girlfriends that my ultrasound was on the Friday. I tricked them and actually had my appointment on the Wednesday. We had already planned to meet up that night and I was making dessert. I decided to make either a blue or pink cake with white icing, so then when they cut the cake they would find out the gender.

I didn't take a pic of it before it was cut, but it had white icing and a question mark make from smarties.

I took the cake over and they were so excited!! The closed their eyes and cut the cake together. They opened their eyes, saw the pink and squealed!!

It was delicious! And so much fun!!


Slacko blogger! and an announcement!

My goodness!!! It's been forever since I blogged!! What a slacko!

I'll do some blog posts to get back up to date, but for now I have a little announcement :)

Baby number 3 is on the way!! I'm now 27 weeks and due in early December. I'm on the countdown to maternity leave (9 work days to go - woot!)

13 weeks

18 weeks

20 weeks

25 weeks

26 weeks (yep, being a dork in the mirror!)

 27 weeks 

 And after 2 lovely little boys, it's nice to know that we are expecting a little GIRL!! We are very excited, but oh em gee I can't stop looking at fabric! So much choice! WHAT am I going to make her quilt, bunting, pram blanket, play rug etc etc etc from?? haha ;)