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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Turning 5! Lego themed party

Sometimes it feels like just yesterday. Other days, it feels like he's been here with me forever.

(pregnant in 2006)

 (newborn Jack. 1 day old)

 My big boy is now 5! I must say, I'm loving 5. What a great age!

Last weekend, we celebrated with a party. I asked him what theme he'd like and he very quickly replied "Lego Ninjago!" OK then!

I did some searching on etsy and found some great things. Starting with this cupcake toppers. I used these for the tops of the cupcakes and as stickers for the lolly bags. 

 (from here)

I found invitations and drink bottle labels on etsy too.  I printed the drink labels on stickers and stuck them on bottles on water.
(from here)

We had the party at a local hall that has its own little park. Minimal fuss! I set up a colouring in table as we'd been having months of rain in Sydney so I didn't know if it would be raining on the party day. (turns out it wasn't, but good to have a back up plan)

I found these lego colouring pages online and this one can be personalised. (from here)

We had party games.

And cake. Now, I will say here that I spent hours on a Lego cake for the party and it failed :( So, this little echidna one bought from the shop was the back up, and was pretty good too. 

His party shirt. And one of his little mates had one on too :)

Here are the party bags with the stickers on them. They looked great!

I found these printables online (not sure where now....) and I printed some with "Happy Birthday", some with "5" and some plan ones. Jack helped me put them on the walls around the hall :)

  Drink bottles!

It was such a great birthday and a lovely party. I had fun putting it together, but I'm glad it's now over for another year! Although, my nearly 3 year old keeps asking for a Rio themed party for his birthday in April. Here we go again!! lol