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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I won!!!

Oh and I didn't update and say that I won!! I won a bib on a blog that I read here

Can't wait to receive it. The first thing I have won since joining the blogging world :)

Just a little post

I just realised I haven't posted in here for almost a week. My blogging time is when the boys are in bed and after we have had our dinner. But this week, I've been knitting in that time. I've almost finished a little blankie that I'm knitting for a friend. I'm really enjoying knitting it, but it's taking up all my relaxing / blogging / Internet time! lol

The blankie will be finished tomorrow (yay!) and then I'm going to get started on Luke's quilt. I. Can't. Wait! I've had the fabric for a little while now and stare at it all the time. Can't wait to use it.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

It's my birthday!! :)

Happy Birthday to..... ME! Yay! I turned 32 today and for my birthday I asked Michael to take the day off work and to let me have a sleep in. Oh, how my present requests have changed lol. He is going to get me a pressie on the weekend, but to be honest, I really don't mind seeing as he was home today.

I'm having a celebration with my girlfriends tomorrow for lunch. Really looking forward to it :)

Cake! The candles didn't really last too long

Mmmmmmm CAKE

Happy Birthday Mummy :) First one as a mum of 2!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Pattern I want to try

I want to make some shorts and pants for my boys with a simple pattern for beginners. I found this pattern by Little Bird Patterns and it says it is easy. Hope so! Would love to make a few pairs with different fabrics.

I have made pants in the past for Jack, but they were a bit dodgy and just made from a pattern that I copied from a free website.

These ones were some wide leg pj pants I made for him last year

How freaky is the sky today?

There was an orange glow around our room this morning, so I opened up the curtains and thought I was on mars!?! Very strange. There's a big dust storm in Sydney today (and on its way up the coast) and it looks really weird.

When Michael left for work, the door was only open for a few seconds, but the dust got in and didn't smell too good. Day at home for me and the boys.

Here are the boys checking it out after it had mainly cleared up

Finished Luke's play mat

I finished Luke's play mat the other night. Just using that material I bought from Spotlight last week. It's very simple, but a cute little rug for me to take with us when we go out.

Tried to get a pic of the boys playing on it, but they weren't keen for a pic!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

What's that noise?

Jack makes me laugh all the time. He was just riding his bike in the loungeroom and making a funny noise with his mouth. Sounded high pitched and loud, like "oooooooooo!" He stopped. Looked at me and said "what's that noise?" with a frown on his face. I said "it's you making that noise" and he went "oh. yes" laughed and kept riding. So funny!

What makes me smile?

This week's challenge at Blog This is "What makes you smile?"

I love laughing, so this should be an easy challenge!

These are some of the things that make me smile :)

This makes me smile - my hubby on our wedding day! We have so much fun together and are laughing together all the time :)

This makes me smile. My lovely sewing machine that I bought last December. I have so much fun on this thing! True, sometimes I curse it, but most of the time I love it :) So relaxing and when I finish a project, it makes me smile.

We don't go out much at all these days, so our entertainment is our tv. Must admit though, I love tv!! There are so many shows that make me laugh. Love a good comedy :)

And of course, the thing that makes me smile the most?????   my gorgeous little boys :)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Hello thongs!

Yay! The hot weather seems to be here and staying! I have put away my joggers and flats and have brought out my thongs. I loooooove wearing thongs, find them really comfy and have asked my 2 year old for a new red pair for my b'day this week :)

Saturday, September 19, 2009

An afternoon by the water

When the boys woke from their afternoon naps, we all jumped in the car and drove 10 mins north to a spot on the Hawkesbury River. It's such a lovely spot. Jack wanted to "see boats" and "see fish" so we wandered along the edge of the water watching the boats.

Such a lovely afternoon. The weather is warming up and I love love love the warm weather.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Wool for a little blankie

A friend of mine has recently had a baby girl. She also has a boy who is the same age as J and she is in my online mums group. I've never met her, but I consider her one of my friends.

I knitted L a blankie when he was little (well, littler than he is now! He's still only 4 months!) and she asked for me to make one for her little girl.

I finally got around to buying some wool and am going to start it tonight. I'm hoping to have it finished in the next few weeks to send it over to her.

Here's the wool selection:

(the first one is a pale pink. the pic doesn't really show the colour correctly)

And here's the blankie I made for L. He uses it in his cradle and I love tucking him in at night with my blankie :)


Went shopping at Spotlight last night to grab some batting and some cotton. But, of course I had to have a little look at the fabrics.

I want to make L a little blanket with polar fleece on one side and cotton on the other and just sew it together and put some binding around the edges. It's to use when we go out to the park etc so we have something to sit on. J had one when he was young and he now uses it in his bed.

Found some polar fleece in a dark grey (dark colour essential for using outside!!) and this cool cars / boats / planes quilting fabric. Perfect :)

Bib giveaway

Bibs are on my long list of things to make and I have a pattern saved that I'd like to try. Over on Solomon Sewing's blog there is currently a giveaway for a bib that she has made. They look great :)

Why is shopping for kids so. much. fun???

I don't really remember what I would buy when I used to go shopping before having kids. I guess I used to buy stuff for myself??? Maybe I used to buy heaps more clothes for myself? Can't remember!

Yesterday my mum took J to my grandparents place. I usually go too, but thought that I'd spend the day with L instead. I didn't want to just sit around at home watching tv, so we hit the shops!

I thought I'd just have a wander around, but of course I couldn't come home without buying anything... right??

I forgot how easy it is to walk around the shops with a young baby. He just sat in the stroller and looked around. I stopped once to feed him, but he was happy the whole time. Ahhh. So different to shopping with a toddler, that's for sure!

Anyhoo, I bought J 2 tshirts and bought L 2 shorts & tshirt sets.

L's sets are a crocodile set and an elephant set.

Here's the crocodile:

And the elephant:
J's tees are a robot & a combi

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

How cute are these chairs?

I would love to have 2 of these little blue chairs to put in our yard for our boys. I have a white one in the garden that my hubby made for me a few years ago and I love sitting in it.

Very cute :)

Song I'm loving at the moment

I just love this song. When I hear it in the car, I put in on full ball and just sing along. It really makes me think and I love songs that do that to me.

Last day on Earth. Kate Miller-Heidke

Look down - the ground below is crumbling

Look up - the stars are all exploding

It's the last day on earth
In my dreams
It's the end of the world
And you've come back to me
In my dreams

Between the dust and debris
There's a light surrounding you and me

It's the last day on earth
In my dreams
It's the end of the world
And you've come back to me
In my dreams

And you hold me closer than I can ever remember being held
I'm not afraid to sleep now, if we can stay like this until

It's the last day on earth
In my dreams
It's the end of the world
And you've come back to me
In my dreams

In my head I repeat our conversations
Over and over til they feel like hallucinations
You know me - I love to lose my mind
And every time andybody speaks your name I still feel the same

I ache, I ache, I ache inside