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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Couldn't help myself...

Last night I went shopping. Supposedly for Christmas. But, no one told me that I don't really have anything else to get. I think I was just excited that the shops were supposed to be open until midnight. A lot of them were closed :( I wanted to get a maxi skirt for myself, but couldn't find one. hmmm. Now what am I going to wear on Christmas Day??? Might have to go again tonight ;)

Anyway, I was in Target buying photo frames for myself (again, not for Christmas!) and spotted the cutest little jumper for Lukey. I know it's not cold. I know it's not a Christmas gift. But, I bought it anyway. I bought a size one as he'll be in that size in Winter. Soooo cute. And 30% off! How could I NOT buy it???

Comedy date night

Last Saturday night, we had the boys minded by my mum and went OUT! We booked tickets to see comedian Arj Barker. It was so good! So funny. Of course, afterwards we were trying to quote him and share our favourite parts, but we couldn't do it... so I won't try to do it here either :)

We were in the front row which was great! We felt like a pre-children couple with not a care in the world ;)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Finished my bunting!!

I'm sooo excited about this bunting! I love love love it :)

Triangles all cut out

All sewn together and ironed

Sewn onto the binding

Close up

On the wall


Christmas shopping

I think I'm *almost* done with my Christmas purchasing. Here's some of the things I have bought:

For Jack
* Wooden multi-story car garage from Aldi
* Various books
* Puppets from IKEA (really cute!)
* Magnetic letters for the fridge

For Luke
* Books
* Oobi taggie toy

For my niece, Norah (2 and a half):
* Bunting that I'm making (almost finished. Will post a pic once it's done!)
* Puppets from IKEA
* Few books
* Hair clips from mini lala

For my niece, Lucy (7 months):
* Couple of books (see a trend here??)
* Oobi taggie toy

For my lovely hubby. Gee, he is hard to buy for! Year after year we agree to get nothing for each other so that we can decide on a joint thing for the house etc in the January sales. And year after year, he presents me with a gift at Christmas. Argh! Lovely gifts mind you, but still argh! I don't ever buy him anything because we agreed.
Well. Not this year! I've only chosen a couple of small things for him, but at least I will be giving him something come Christmas morning.
He lurves Family Guy. Loves it. thinks it is hilarious! So I got him a special edition DVD with some special episode on it that he hasn't seen.

I also got him a print from etsy. He loves Mustangs. 1965. He wants to get one. One day! And do it up. In the mean time, I have bought him this print and will pop it in a frame to go on the wall in his workshop. He loves his little workshop. It's a little room under our outside stairs and it's so organised! He fluffs about in there doing goodness knows what. But, it makes him happy, so I'm hoping this will make the workshop a little prettier :)

Friday, December 11, 2009

Tikiboo blog giveaway

If you haven't checked out this blog yet, go on and have a look. Go on, you know you want to!!

Kathryn is having a give away to her followers. Gorgeous crafty book, fabric and a gorgeous mushroom pin cushion.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Oooh! I love parcels!

When we got home from our Santa photo there was a parcel waiting for me. Woop woop!! I love parcels! Especially when they contain..... fabric! yeah!

I did an order from the Fat Quarter Shop and it arrived today.

Fabric for the boys. Thinking of making bunting with it & a pram blankie

From Amy Butler's love range. Dunno what I'm going to do with it yet! It's so pretty.

Chose these fabrics to make something for my nieces. Thinking bunting and some little shorts?

I also grabbed some ribbon. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it yet. I'm sure an idea will come to me!

Santa photo 2009

I've been asking Jack for a week or so if he would like to go and see Santa and have a photo taken. He has warmed up to the idea more each day, so today I thought I'd take him to the shops to see Santa. I didn't know if we would just say hello or if we would have a photo taken. I dressed them in clean clothes just in case!

We got there and Santa said hi to Jack. Jack froze. Grabbed onto my leg and stared at Santa. Santa asked Jack if he'd like to sit next to him. No. Santa asked Jack if he'd like Mummy to sit next to Santa and then Jack could sit with Mummy. Yes. We walked over slowly and he sat on my lap. Santa held Luke.

The photo girls started squeaking various toys and making silly faces to try to get Jack to smile. He didn't. He was doing a stunned mullet face and was not keen to perform. I whispered in his ear "Jack will you do one big smile for Mummy?" he said yes. I whispered again that we could go and have a treat after the Santa photo if he liked. Yes! (yeah, yeah I guess it was a bribe, but hey it's the Santa photo! And I wanted a treat too!!)

I told the photo girls that we were ready. Jack and I did big smiles and they took the photo. Luke isn't smiling, but he's also not crying ;)

I'm pretty happy with it. And of course on the way out, Santa was Jack's best mate. "BYE SANTA!!!!" lots of waving. High fives. The lot! Ah.... kids!

Finished quilt

I have managed to finish my first quilt and I must say, I love it! I love the look of the end product and had so much fun making it. I haven't put it on Luke's bed yet as I like looking at it and touching it and would miss it if it was in his room ;)

Monday, December 7, 2009

Homemade Christmas decorations

We haven't had the Christmas tree up for a couple of years because I've been worried that Jack would destroy it!

I wanted to have it up this year, so decided to just make some toddler friendly Christmas decorations for the tree.

Bought the Christmas fabric

Cut out some shapes

Hang them on the tree!

Close up

I'm pretty happy with them! Will make up some more and then Jack can help decorate the big tree :)