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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Santa photo 2009

I've been asking Jack for a week or so if he would like to go and see Santa and have a photo taken. He has warmed up to the idea more each day, so today I thought I'd take him to the shops to see Santa. I didn't know if we would just say hello or if we would have a photo taken. I dressed them in clean clothes just in case!

We got there and Santa said hi to Jack. Jack froze. Grabbed onto my leg and stared at Santa. Santa asked Jack if he'd like to sit next to him. No. Santa asked Jack if he'd like Mummy to sit next to Santa and then Jack could sit with Mummy. Yes. We walked over slowly and he sat on my lap. Santa held Luke.

The photo girls started squeaking various toys and making silly faces to try to get Jack to smile. He didn't. He was doing a stunned mullet face and was not keen to perform. I whispered in his ear "Jack will you do one big smile for Mummy?" he said yes. I whispered again that we could go and have a treat after the Santa photo if he liked. Yes! (yeah, yeah I guess it was a bribe, but hey it's the Santa photo! And I wanted a treat too!!)

I told the photo girls that we were ready. Jack and I did big smiles and they took the photo. Luke isn't smiling, but he's also not crying ;)

I'm pretty happy with it. And of course on the way out, Santa was Jack's best mate. "BYE SANTA!!!!" lots of waving. High fives. The lot! Ah.... kids!

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  1. Thats a great photo! It's a great photo of you and Jack.