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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Couldn't help myself...

Last night I went shopping. Supposedly for Christmas. But, no one told me that I don't really have anything else to get. I think I was just excited that the shops were supposed to be open until midnight. A lot of them were closed :( I wanted to get a maxi skirt for myself, but couldn't find one. hmmm. Now what am I going to wear on Christmas Day??? Might have to go again tonight ;)

Anyway, I was in Target buying photo frames for myself (again, not for Christmas!) and spotted the cutest little jumper for Lukey. I know it's not cold. I know it's not a Christmas gift. But, I bought it anyway. I bought a size one as he'll be in that size in Winter. Soooo cute. And 30% off! How could I NOT buy it???

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