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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Baby shower / morning tea - chevron!

While this is my third baby, I thought I'd still like to have a little celebration with my friends before my little one arrives.

We decided to just have a girls morning tea with yummy food and chatting.

I searched etsy for some cute chevron baby shower labels and found a lovely little set from this store. I wanted editable table settings so I could put the words I wanted. They were super easy to use and came in lots of lovely colours. Seeing as this is my last baby and my first little girl, I went a little crazy with pink!! Lots of pink!

My Cath Kidston tin came off the display shelf in my kitchen. I love this tin and still love looking at it everyday. It fit in perfectly at the baby shower :)

 I couldn't find a table cloth I liked, so I used this lovely fabric from my fabric cupboard. It went perfectly!

A couple of the guests couldn't make it at the last minute, including one of my lovely friends who gave birth to her son that morning!! But, it just meant more food for the rest of us :) It was a really lovely day.

Oh and here's a belly pic!


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Spunky boys

I love this pic of the boys. It was taken last month at my BIL's wedding.

They are so handsome :)


Saying goodbye to a friend

My mum has always had corgi dogs. She had one when I was born and I grew up with him. He died when I was 9 and I still remember how upsetting it was.

After him, we had 2 more corgis who lived long lives and died when I was in my 20s.

My mum had a few years then with no dogs, but around 10 years ago she brought home 2 new corgis.

My boys spend a lot of time at my mum's house and the dogs have been like their own. They play with them every time we are there and love spending time in the yard with them.

One of the dogs, Lace, has been getting sicker over the last few months. She had cancer. The vet did an operation on Lace a couple of weeks ago, but she became very sick over the last few days. She could no longer walk, go to the toilet, swallow and blink her eyelids.

The decision was made to put her down :( hard one to make, but best for her.

I explained to my boys about Lace. They knew she was sick and knew she was going to die. I took them over to say goodbye last night. Jack was really upset but Luke didn't really understand.

 Luke with Lace

Jack with Lace

both boys with Lace. She loved their cuddles :)

Jack was at my mum's this afternoon and was looking for Lace :( he was upset that she was gone.

RIP Lace. You will be missed, sweet girl xx


Baby's first quilt

Tuesday is my day at home with no kids. Lately, I use it to clean the house and to sleep. Ahhh sleep!!

But today, I felt like sewing! So, I made baby's first quilt. It's going to be for her cradle and later to use in the pram. It's nice and small and I love the end result. So pretty :)