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Saturday, January 28, 2012


Now, people who know me should know that I'm not a runner. Not even close! I can walk and walk, but running?? I last 20 seconds. And that's on a good day!

So, it's quite surprising really that I've been doing the "Ease into 5K" app on my iphone. It's a running app that helps non-runners start running. ( I have started it before, but haven't kept it up )

It's supposed to take 9 weeks (I think I will take longer!) and it's interval training. So, you walk for say 30 seconds, run for 45 seconds, walk for 90 second run for 60 seconds.... etc etc.

OK, I won't lie. At first I found it HARD! Very hard. But, I powered through and I'm now almost at the end of week 2. I can run for 90 seconds!! Yep. All by myself.

When I get home, my face is as red as a beetroot (see above) and stays that way for a while, but it's a good feeling. Next week, it goes up to running for 3 minutes. Eek! I don't know about that. I'll probably do the week 2 program again and then try week 3. We'll see :)

Friday, January 20, 2012

Interview with Made It!

I love Made It. If you haven't discovered it yet, please go and check it out. It's an Australian site for sellers of handmade products to sell their products. There are so many wonderful things on the site and I spend many hours browsing.... and dreaming! I have my own little store on made it and this year I'm planning on getting more products in my store.

The lovely Bec from Made It interviewed me for their blog. It's a post about sellers who blog. Have a look at the interview here :)

Thursday, January 19, 2012

january photo a day- catch up!

OK... so I may have been a bit slack in posting the photos over the last few days, but as I'm still actually taking the photos I think I can still play. Right?? And also we went away for the weekend, so there's 2 days for an excuse..

Sooooo, here we go.... here are days 13 through to 18

Day 13 | in your bag
this is my make up bag. I found the bag at an op shop and still love it. It's the perfect size! I'm one of those people who like to wear make up most of the time. I just feel more comfortable :)

Day 14 | something you're reading
I've wanted to see this movie from when it was out at the movies, but I wanted to read the book first. I'm really enjoying it, but it's taking me AGES to read it. By the time I've put the kids to put, had dinner, hung with my hubby, watched telly and do some sewing, I don't have the energy to read! I do need to set more time to read this year though.

Day 15 | happiness
These 2 boys here. That's happiness :) And watching them enjoy their day on the beach... bliss

Day 16 | morning
For a boy who has been an early riser his whole life, he is now starting to sleep in a little bit. Now, when I say sleep in, I mean til 7:30, but hey, that's late around here! It's such a weird feeling being up before him :)

Day 17 | water
Newcastle Beach

Day 18 | something I bought
I found this little beauty in Target of all places. I went in there to get my little 2 year old some knickers (oooh, how cute is a 2 year old bum in knickers!!) and walked past this picture. Love it! Now to find somewhere good in the house to put it.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Personalised capes

I've had quite a few requests for personalised capes lately and keep forgetting to take photos.

I finally had some photos taken of my latest order and I'm really liking the letter on the back of the capes.

These pics show my almost 5 year old in a large size and my 2.5 year old in a medium. Both sizes look good on my almost 5 year old, it's just the length that changes.

I'm busy making up heaps of capes for my next 2 markets in February and am having lots of fun putting the colours all together. I MUST remember to take photos this time!

january photo of the day | day twelve

january 12th | closeup

of course there has to be some days that are related to sewing... right!?
look at those pretty threads. makes me want to jump up and run to my machine!

january photo a day | day eleven

january 11th | where I sleep

I finally have a room that I love :) and awesome, girly lace curtains! lol

january photo a day | day ten

january 10th | childhood

I was born in the late 70s and my childhood was in the 80s. I had a lovely childhood and have so many great memories. This Carebear, Love a lot, was my carebear :)

january photo a day | day nine

january 9th | daily routine

Sunday, January 8, 2012

january photo a day | day eight

january 8th | my sky

Our Summer weather has not been very exciting this year in Sydney. There has been rain. And lots of it. And more rain. Over the last week, we've finally had a few days of good swimming weather. It's been bliss. I love Summer!

But right now, my sky is cloudy. where's my sun gone??

january photo a day | day seven

january 7th | my favourite

This is my favourite flower in my garden. When we moved into our place 7 years ago, I claimed this rose bush as my rose bush. I love it. So pretty when it flowers.

Friday, January 6, 2012

january photo a day | day six

january 6th | something that makes me smile

Yep, these 2 little guys right here. They make me smile alright! They love storytime and I love reading to them. Especially when it's bedtime, because it means they will be off to bed very soon! lol ;)

january photo a day | day five

january 5th | something I wore

This cute little Summer dress is so comfy and pretty. It's a bit of a big deal to me because I bought it last Summer in the sales and it was around the time that I finally fit into dresses properly after losing weight. I still can't believe I can wear dresses :) I love wearing them now, even if I do still have a bit of weight to lose!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

january photo a day | day four

january 4th | letterbox

well, well, well! I love the Postman. He brings me such lovely presents! Today, I got a delivery of some things that I ordered from Cath Kidston. I ordered it last week, and here it is today! So quick.

Bet you want to see what was in the box, huh??????

oh, well, you know, just an awesome new table cloth made from oil cloth so I can wipe it down after the kids make a mess, some cool canisters for the kitchen, some cake tins and some dotty pencils. Feels like it's Christmas all over again!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

january photo a day | day three

january 3rd | something I adore

my family | picnics in our yard in summer | relaxing on the pillows I made

Monday, January 2, 2012

goals from 2011

I just noticed on the side of my blog my list of goals that I wrote last year for 2011. Here they are

* Blog regularly! {hmmm, this one I didn't do very well! I think I'll add it to 2012}

* Promote my business {I did a little bit of this, so I'll tick this one!}

* Have lots more market stalls {I did this. I tried a few more different markets this year. Some were great, some not so much. It's all a learning curve!}

* Make more things to sell at market {I did this one. I added a few new products to my stock}
* Update the kitchen {nope!}

* Work up to running 5 kilometres {I started this and am starting it again this month}

* Create a sewing space that I love {I did do this, but now it's a mess!}
* Get 2 pet chickens for fresh eggs {still haven't completely convinced my hubby about this one...}
* Eat vegies from our garden {trying again this year!}

* Decorate house with handmade things {yep!}

So, now that it's a new year again, it's time to have a think about some new goals for 2012.....

january photo a day | day two

january 2nd | breakfast!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

january photo a day | day one

january 1st | ME

Happy New Year! Day one of 2012 has been good! We hung around at home and then went to a BBQ at our good friend's house for an early dinner. The boys went for a swim and we hung about chatting and eating. Bliss :)