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Monday, January 2, 2012

goals from 2011

I just noticed on the side of my blog my list of goals that I wrote last year for 2011. Here they are

* Blog regularly! {hmmm, this one I didn't do very well! I think I'll add it to 2012}

* Promote my business {I did a little bit of this, so I'll tick this one!}

* Have lots more market stalls {I did this. I tried a few more different markets this year. Some were great, some not so much. It's all a learning curve!}

* Make more things to sell at market {I did this one. I added a few new products to my stock}
* Update the kitchen {nope!}

* Work up to running 5 kilometres {I started this and am starting it again this month}

* Create a sewing space that I love {I did do this, but now it's a mess!}
* Get 2 pet chickens for fresh eggs {still haven't completely convinced my hubby about this one...}
* Eat vegies from our garden {trying again this year!}

* Decorate house with handmade things {yep!}

So, now that it's a new year again, it's time to have a think about some new goals for 2012.....

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