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Thursday, January 19, 2012

january photo a day- catch up!

OK... so I may have been a bit slack in posting the photos over the last few days, but as I'm still actually taking the photos I think I can still play. Right?? And also we went away for the weekend, so there's 2 days for an excuse..

Sooooo, here we go.... here are days 13 through to 18

Day 13 | in your bag
this is my make up bag. I found the bag at an op shop and still love it. It's the perfect size! I'm one of those people who like to wear make up most of the time. I just feel more comfortable :)

Day 14 | something you're reading
I've wanted to see this movie from when it was out at the movies, but I wanted to read the book first. I'm really enjoying it, but it's taking me AGES to read it. By the time I've put the kids to put, had dinner, hung with my hubby, watched telly and do some sewing, I don't have the energy to read! I do need to set more time to read this year though.

Day 15 | happiness
These 2 boys here. That's happiness :) And watching them enjoy their day on the beach... bliss

Day 16 | morning
For a boy who has been an early riser his whole life, he is now starting to sleep in a little bit. Now, when I say sleep in, I mean til 7:30, but hey, that's late around here! It's such a weird feeling being up before him :)

Day 17 | water
Newcastle Beach

Day 18 | something I bought
I found this little beauty in Target of all places. I went in there to get my little 2 year old some knickers (oooh, how cute is a 2 year old bum in knickers!!) and walked past this picture. Love it! Now to find somewhere good in the house to put it.

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