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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

She's growing! 4 months already

I know that *everyone* says that time goes so fast, but it really does sometimes. I still think of Sophie as a brand new little newborn, but this morning when I dropped Luke at preschool there was an actual newborn there and it made me realise just how much  Sophie has grown!

She's 4.5 months now and has 2 little teeth! She smiles at pretty much anyone. So happy all the time, except when she's tired or hungry! She's interacting so much with the boys now and loves watching them. They include her all the time and while they are still learning that they can't be as rough with her as they are with each other, they are so great with her.

I melt when she smiles at me. She lights up just that much more when she looks at me and I love it :)