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Monday, October 3, 2011

Decorating the house

We've been in our house for 7 years and have no plans of moving any time soon. When we moved in, the walls were all green. The green was actually quite nice, but we wanted to change it. After a couple of years, we painted the whole house a kind of beige-pale brown colour with 2 maroon feature walls. We thought it looked grown up and mature, but now we find it really dark and heavy!

Here's a pic of our loungeroom when it was green

For the last little while, we've wanted to change the maroon walls... to pale, vintagey blue. I've been mentioning it to my hubby for a while, and finally this weekend we went searching for paint.

Well. The hardware store had lots and lots of paint... including one called.... *drumroll please*... vintage blue!!! Perfecto! It was exactly the colour we were after. yay!

It's kinda like this...

now, as a crafty person, when I painted the walls maroon, I also made a maroon curtain for the front door. And it's now time to change it. to a blue colour.

This is the material I'm thinking of...

We'd also like to update our kitchen to lots of blue accessories to make it all matchy and I've got a vision of covering our dining room chairs with various blue fabrics to all go together, but also be different from one another...

We're also going to make our bedroom more grown up and put up wallpaper, nice lighting, new curtains and new linen. But that's our next project.

We love this wallpaper for our room
so there you have it. a little update of what's to come in my decorating. Thrilling, yes?? lol.

I'll add in some pictures soon :)