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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas shopping

I think I'm *almost* done with my Christmas purchasing. Here's some of the things I have bought:

For Jack
* Wooden multi-story car garage from Aldi
* Various books
* Puppets from IKEA (really cute!)
* Magnetic letters for the fridge

For Luke
* Books
* Oobi taggie toy

For my niece, Norah (2 and a half):
* Bunting that I'm making (almost finished. Will post a pic once it's done!)
* Puppets from IKEA
* Few books
* Hair clips from mini lala

For my niece, Lucy (7 months):
* Couple of books (see a trend here??)
* Oobi taggie toy

For my lovely hubby. Gee, he is hard to buy for! Year after year we agree to get nothing for each other so that we can decide on a joint thing for the house etc in the January sales. And year after year, he presents me with a gift at Christmas. Argh! Lovely gifts mind you, but still argh! I don't ever buy him anything because we agreed.
Well. Not this year! I've only chosen a couple of small things for him, but at least I will be giving him something come Christmas morning.
He lurves Family Guy. Loves it. thinks it is hilarious! So I got him a special edition DVD with some special episode on it that he hasn't seen.

I also got him a print from etsy. He loves Mustangs. 1965. He wants to get one. One day! And do it up. In the mean time, I have bought him this print and will pop it in a frame to go on the wall in his workshop. He loves his little workshop. It's a little room under our outside stairs and it's so organised! He fluffs about in there doing goodness knows what. But, it makes him happy, so I'm hoping this will make the workshop a little prettier :)

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