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Monday, September 14, 2009

I need a dress!!!

One of my very close girlfriends is getting married next month and I need to start looking for a dress! Eek!

List of wants:
1. long dress (maxi) to cover my chubby calves / thighs / butt .. you get the idea!
2. good coverage around the chest - to fit my large chest into!
3. nice colour. not sure what colour I want, but I want it to be nice!
4. pattern. don't want plain
5. matching cardi to cover my large arms (see a theme here??)
6. not see through. or I could wear a petticoat??

sooooo, must mean I have to hit the shops. I have been searching the Internet for some ideas and am not really finding much.

I just found this one on the Jeanswest website... not bad. Might have to go and have a look

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