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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Trip to Canberra

Over the last weekend, we went on a trip to Canberra. It was with my whole family - my mother, grandparents, my brother, his wife and their 2 girls, my sister and me, my hubby and our 2 boys. Phew!

We stayed in cabins at a caravan park that was around 15 mins north of the centre of Canberra.

Our car trip down was fun.... L decided to scream / cry for most of the trip. We kept stopping to get him out and feed him and to just give him a break, but as soon as he was back in the car, the screaming started again. Argh! We had no choice but to soilder on. It took us 5 hours to get there and only 3 to get back...

Our first full day down there, we went to Questacon. It is a science museum type place with lot of things to touch. There is a special childrens' room for 0-6. In this room, there were lots of different little sections - a car mechanic, vet surgery, shop, water play, hard hat area, space section etc. J had such a ball in there!

The next day we went to Cockington Green. It has miniture displays of various things from around the world. They are exact models (scaled down!) and very cool! J loved it, but there was a bit of convincing that he couldn't play on the displays and that the little cars etc were not toys!! lol. Once we got over that, he enjoyed watching. There was a train that we went on. J loves trains, so it was an instant hit with him.
Our caravan park had a large jumping pillow and it was great fun to jump on it!! There was also a little lake with heaps of ducks. The kids found it so much fun to feed them. Great little holiday. L's first time away :)

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