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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Choosing fabric

One of my favourite pass times is searching the 'net for fabric. Soooo many choices out there!

In the past, I would have so many favourite fabrics that I would use if I were ever to have a girl. Now that we are having a girl, I keep changing my mind over and over as to what fabrics I will choose.

I want to make for her
* quilt for her cot
* mini quilt for her cradle
* play mat quilt
* pram blanket / quilt
* bunting for her room
* fabric letters for her name (when we finally choose one!)

My favourite colour is pale blue / duck egg blue, but I also wanted to add in pale pink to make it nice and girly. So, I wanted to choose floral, dots, vintagey looking, soft, pale pink, pale blue & white.

Ta Da!! found a great little bundle on etsy. I've ordered a yard in each colour. It's Tanya Whelan fabric and is perfect :)


1 comment:

  1. Lovely colours! There are always so many more pretty girly fabrics around than what there are for boys. Love the choices you made!