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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Pottering around in the garden

We have a lovely garden (thanks to the previous owners!) and we haven't really needed to do anything to it over the last 5 years of living here. But, I have a vision of our garden with lots of different pot plants scattered around it and little garden decorations etc.

We piled into the car and went to Bunnings today. Jack was excited as I told him he could choose a couple of plants and a pot plant. I bought him some little gardening gloves recently and he was keen to get them dirty!

Our local Bunnings has children sized trolleys, so I grabbed one for Jack. He thought it was fantastic! We headed to the gardening section and Jack chose some plants and put them in his trolley. He ran down a few aisles. Changed his mind about the plants. Put them back. Chose some more. Went for another run. Changed the plants. You get the idea!

When he finally decided on his plants, we went home. He was very keen to do his planting. What a great little gardener he is! He also watered them with his little watering can.

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