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Saturday, January 9, 2010

MY quilt is done!! (January challenge)

I have finished my quilt. The one that is just for ME!! It's the second quilt I've made. My first one was for Luke.

I used Amy Butler fabrics & white homespun for the quilt top and just brown homespun for the backing. The binding was done with pre made binding from Spotlight (so happy with the binding find as it saved so much time!)

I'm not sure how to really do any fancy quilting or free motion etc yet, so I'm just doing straight lines as practice.

Here's a couple of pics


  1. Love the colours Sarah! Looks so fresh! Great work. xo

  2. That is beautiful! and it looks like Luke is very proud of his Mummy! ;)

  3. Gorgeous - it looks so lovely and snuggy.

  4. Just BEAUTIFUL! A lovely challenge completed :)