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Thursday, January 21, 2010

An afternoon project

I had a lovely day today. My mum offered to have my baby this morning while I took my big boy to his swimming lesson. It was actually really fun to be with just him for a couple of hours. He seemed to like it too. We even managed a quick trip to Westfield before swimming and he didn't carry on or chuck a hissy fit - miracle!

After swimming we met up with my mum and Luke at my grandparents place for lunch. I took a cake for my grandma as it was her birthday a couple of weeks ago and we didn't get around to having a cake for her. It seems to get lost with all the Christmas celebrations.

After a lovely lunch and cake I put the boys in the car, waved good bye and went to go home. I was only a few minutes away when my mobile rang. It was my mum. She offered to have the baby for the afternoon. Huh?! Of course I jumped at the chance!!

I went home with just my big boy and he was sooo tired. We snuggled on the lounge for a bit and then he asked to go to bed. He had a lovely 3 hour nap in my bed and I had the afternoon to myself!! Woot!! I decided to make another plastic bag holder. The one I made last week I gave to my grandma for her birthday, so I needed a new one for my kitchen.

I cut, sewed and watched a girly movie. Ahhh, the house is so lovely when it is quiet :) It was my first day without my little one (even if it was only a couple of hours this morning and a few hours this arvo) but it was a nice break. I missed him after a little while, but I still enjoyed the time to myself ;)

Here's what I made

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  1. Sounds like a really lovely day.

    I so desperately need to make myself a bag holder, it's on my 'to do' list, which is now rather long.