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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Creating my own little space

We live in a small duplex and our living space is all in one open room. It's kinda divided up into different living spaces, just by what we put in different areas.

We have our lounges and tv up one end of the room with a floor rug. This area I call the lounge room. Down the other end of the room we have cupboards full of toys and an IKEA play floor rug. This area I call the play room. Then in the middle of the room, I have my sewing table. This used to be our dining room table, but I have taken over with my sewing machine! We just eat our dinner on the lounge or out on the back verandah on the outdoor table.

It's this middle "sewing room" that I want to make prettier. At the moment, it is just a small table with my sewing machine on it. Next to the table is a book case / toy storage and I have claimed one part of it for my sewing / crafting books, but I really want to have my own little place to put my things.

Soooooo (I know this is long, but I'm about to get to my point!) I have got plans for my little space.
* Put a little shelf on the wall above my desk.
* Put a little notice board on the wall and cover it with fabric
* Put my books on the shelf
* Get some magazine racks to put my quilting mags in
* Get a few little prints to put on my wall
* Cover a tin can in pretty paper and put pens etc in it
* Get a lamp for my table for better lighting


  1. Before photo please! Look forward to seeing you make this space yours!