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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sunday Citar

Another week has passed and it's time for Sunday Citar. The week seemed to fly by, but maybe it's because this coming week is my last one on maternity leave. I go back to work in a week after having 12 months home with my babies. I have mixed feelings about it and really would prefer to stay at home.

So, this week is about children again :) These pics are of my son and his cousin last week. We were at a park and they were most interested in jumping in this muddy puddle! They had so much fun. I love childhood!

I knew when I met you an adventure was going to happen...
-- A.A. Milne

Children come into this world with fresh eyes to see all that is beautiful, embrace all that is joyful, and love unconditionally with open hearts and minds.

-- Author Unknown


  1. Lovely quotes and so true! Puddles are an irresistible thing in nature that all children gravitate to. I love it when they jump in with pure joy and abandon. :)

  2. aww I love the pictures and the quotes go perfect with them!!
    Have a Blessing Sun☼Day!!!

  3. The quotes are wonderful to accompany those pictures! As a mom, we definitely have a life full of all sorts of adventures :)

  4. I just love AA Milne...perfect for with photos of your kids! :)

  5. Oh I think that first quote would be just lovely painted on a board surrounded by family photos! I love it!

  6. What beautiful sentiments ... perfect photos to go with them!!! (we should all jump in the mud a little more often) Enjoy this week!

  7. I LOVE that A.A Milne quote- it's fantastic!

  8. Oh those really are lovely quotes... and wow, back to work after 12 months! That would be a huge transition. No wonder your last weeks off are flying by. I hope you truly enjoy every moment you can this week!!