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Friday, March 26, 2010

My boy and his baby

Jack has a favourite toy... his little baby. I bought it for him when I brought Luke home and he is such a great little Mama bear to it. The baby (whose name IS baby) is cuddled every night in bed, has a day bed in the lounge room (that Jack tucks him into whenever baby is showing any signs of being tired), is breastfed quite often during the day and goes along to preschool with Jack. I've even babysat baby when Jack has "gone to work" in the sandpit. I'm such a good Grandma :)

He just loves baby and here's a pic of the 2 of them together xx


  1. My oldest son had a baby doll 'Tom' and loved him to bits! He still sits quietly watching on as the big boy goes about his growing up...

  2. Cute baby of your baby boy :) I am sure Jack is a great little Mama caring for the baby. It's amazing how little kids get the sense of caring for their toys and it's the whole world to them. Thanks for sharing the's lovely :)