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Saturday, March 27, 2010

My new logo! :)

I'm so excited by my new logo. My lovely friend Claire over at Frangipani Designs made me a gorgeous new logo. I really love it! I wanted a birdy and wanted splashing (for splish splash of course!) and she designed me the following logo. I love that the birdy looks like patchwork and has sewing around it :)

Now I just need to figure out what I am going to make to sell at markets and then I can use my logo out and about.

What do you think of my new logo?


  1. I love it (go the birds!). The colours are great and it looks nice and clean. Hope you get to use it soon.

  2. I love it! Must get me something like that, I am quite pea green over here right now if you know what I mean!!

  3. YAY! It looks awesome!!! I think that is surely the best logo ever! I see you had the same problem with the teeny tiny overhang on the right!! I cant for the life of me fix it on mine either! oh well...cant be too perfect eh!

  4. Very cute logo. I just love birds. My first applique design was a bird. All the best with your venture into markets, it's lots of fun. I just did my 3rd one here i Hobart - the first Mathilda's here in Tas. It was amazing and so rewarding. All the best.

  5. Love it! It's a very cute logo. I love blue and green together.