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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Mathilda's Markets

This morning, I made a little trip to Mathilda's Market to check it all out. So much beautiful stuff! Oh, how lovely! I dragged my poor husband along and expected a bit of whingeing, but he was fine :)

Some gorgeous little stands and I managed to not spend too much money. Woot!

I bought 2 greeting cards from Just Smitten to hang on my wall near my sewing area

I bought a little red robot from Rudy And The Dodo for Jack

Some fabric from Retro Mummy whose blog I love to read!

Some hairclips from Please Eloise for me. Yes, they are supposed to be for little girls... but big girls can wear them too, right?? And so can their 3 year old sons! Jack and I both had one in today :)

But, my favourite thing from my market trip, is my new doll. I bought her just for me. She's going to hang out on my shelf near my sewing area. She's from Bloss Dolls and I just found out her name is Emma... hmmm, I had already named her Stella! Will see what name I go with for her ;)


  1. Great buys...I was broke so didn't buy anything!! I didn't see you there! Was looking out for you.

  2. I was looking for you too!! I put my name down on a mailing list and saw your name too so knew you were there, but didn't see you. Hope you had a good time

  3. you should have come to my stall and bought some cards and hair clips!!!!!! glad you had a good day! xx

  4. What a great collection of finds! The Bloss dolls are gorgeous aren't they? One of the ladies I work with wore her set of hair clips (exactly the same as yours) to work yesterday... why limit them to the kids?!
    Kate x