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Thursday, March 25, 2010

My Creative Space - finished knitted blanket!

Earlier this month, I blogged about the knitted blanket I started for Luke (here)

Today, I finished it!!! Woot!! I'm really happy with how it turned out. Luke will look so cute snuggled underneath it in winter.

                                                                   Here it is all folded up

Here's his cot before the blanket was added (and the quilt I made for him)

Here's the cot with the blanket added :) (doesn't it look snuggly!)

And the nursery showing it hanging on the cot

For more creative spaces, pop over to Kirsty's blog. Happy Creative Space!! lol


  1. Lovely! I am in the middle of crocheting baby blankets as well =)

  2. the blanket is gorgeous, you are right it looks very snuggly indeed!!

  3. wow, you whipped that up quickly! looks great :)

  4. It looks gorgeous!
    It makes me want to knit one for my little boy, it's a shame I can't knit.

  5. That looks so snuggly, great colour too!

  6. I want to cuddle up under that blanket - it looks so soft and inviting