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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Blogtoberfest day 21 - pikelets for afternoon tea!

OK, so  I'm a few days behind with my blogtoberfest, but I'll just join back in today, thanks! lol :)

I have had such a crap crap week and this arvo I wanted something yum. Could bake a cake? no, the oven's broken. Could eat chocolate? no, Jack saw me sneaking some chocolate yesterday and wanted the last 2 pieces. (damn him and his good eyesight!) no soft drink. no dessert. no biscuits. why are my cupboards always so bare when I NEED sugar!?!? argh! So, last resort?? Pikelets!!

Made it all up and realised I had no spray oil. Used butter instead. Realised halfway in that my non stick pan is no longer non stick and the pikelets were a bit blacker than they should be! On my last few batches, of course my little baby decided he HAD to be held. Flipping those things sure is hard with a wriggling baby on my hip!

But, I ate them with lots of butter and they were YUM!! Satisfaction! (and I found some cordial to have to drink with them!)

1 comment:

  1. They look yum! Sorry to hear you had such a crappy week. I hope next week is much better.