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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

our place

I'm not a particularly tidy person. I'd love to live in a clean, organised house everyday, but alas, I do not! I blame my mother. She's a hoarder! A shocking one at that. And she has a messy house!

So, when I do tidy the house, I get excited at the end result. I love the look of the house when it's tidy. But, with kids and their mulitple toys around (where did all of the toys and crap all COME from!?!) my tidy beautiful house is short lived.

And we have painted our new feature wall! We used to have maroon and while it was lovely when we did it, we've grown out of maroon. I love love love blue and adore the new wall :) (and I finally gave in after 10 years of my husband's nagging... we got a flat screen tv. and yes. I'll admit it. I love it!)

The new feature wall needed a matching curtain on the front door. Of course! So here it is. 

no prizes to those who can guess what the house looks like now... haha x

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