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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

big school

Today, Jack finished his 6 week orientation at his new big school. He starts next year and is SO excited. He loves his big school and has some great little friends in his class. His teacher seems really lovely, the school is great and everything is falling into place. Except for me. I'm a bit of a sook when it comes to Jack.

 Maybe because he was my first? He's my little mate and we get each other. The school have matched them up with a buddy from year 4. The buddy is a familiar face and someone they can look out for in the playground for the next 2 years. Jack's buddy is Nicholas and Nicholas has been awesome!

The school gave out little certificates to all the 2012 Kindy kids today. They went up on stage when their name was read out. If they were a bit shy, their buddy was right there next to them to offer support and to go up there with them.

I thought Jack would definitely need Nicholas for that. I was wrong. They called out his name and up he jumped. Confidently walking right up there to receive his certificate.

And yep. There were tears. MINE!

Surely it's still 2007 and surely Jack is still a baby... right????

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