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Thursday, January 20, 2011

My Creative Space

I haven't played along with My Creative Space for aaaaagggggeeess!! This year, I'm going to take part again. I've found so many lovely blogs through playing along and I'm sure I'll find many more this year.

I'm taking a little break from markets for the first few months of this year to have some time to come up with new things to make and sell. I've been busy in my sewing room testing various things and brain storming to come up with new ideas.

I've got lots of projects that I'm working on, but here are a couple I've finished.

Toddler / preschooler sized totes with matching hair bands

Superhero cape. I'll make them in different colours with different patterns on the back. Not sure exactly what yet though!

I'm happy to have my creative mojo back. Now to find more time in the day!!

Have a lovely creative day. I'm going to check out some other creative spaces :)


  1. The apple bag is so cute!!! :) And the toddler in the red... Just a lovely sight dark haired kids with red melts my heart! :)

  2. The bags with the matching hairbands is a great idea. As are the capes.

    I love Kirsty's linky too. I've found many blogs to love as well. x

  3. The matching hairbands are a great idea to those cute totes...library bags?