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Saturday, November 21, 2009

We started swimming lessons this week

Yep. And here are the goggles to prove it!

I thought it was time to start Jack in swimming lessons. I chose an indoor pool close to us and booked him in. Thursdays at 11am.

We rocked up a little early to get used to the pool, got changed into his swimmers and watched the other kids in the pool. Jack was so keen to get in the pool. "I want to go swimming now." We waited for his turn and realised he was going to be the only one in the class. Perfect. His first lesson would be private.

The teacher, Christine, came over and asked Jack if he wanted to sit on the side of the pool. Yes. We both sat down and Jack put his feet in the pool. Christine asked Jack if he wanted to get into the pool. Yes. She took him in her arms and off they went. Cue screaming "mummy! mummy! muuuummmmmyyyyyyy!" which lasted for the whole lesson. The whole half hour. hmmm. I stayed at the side of the pool so he could see me and Christine was really awesome and continued on with the lesson.

When he finally got out of the pool, he ran to me and told me.... "I had fun!" and then he didn't want to leave!! That kid is so funny.

Let's see how next week goes...

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