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Friday, November 20, 2009

New stroller

I now have 4 pram / strollers. Do I need that many?? Well. I think so. They all have a different purpose....

1) Beema Q. This was the pram I bought when pregnant with Jack. I used it so so much when he was little. It served me well. It was a bit heavy and a pain sometimes to lift in and out of the car, but it did its job.

2) Run about little stroller. Bought this when Jack was around 8ish months I think. Just wanted something a bit smaller to throw in the car. Have LOVED this stroller and used it heaps. I didn't buy a layback one as the upright one was smaller and Jack didn't sleep in the pram any more.

3) Phil and Teds. Bought this one once Luke had arrived. I bought it from ebay and kinda wished I'd spend a bit more money as admittedly this one is pretty old and crap. It does its purpose though - I go on lots of walks around the streets with the boys and they like sitting in it. Needed something for both boys for when we go walking.

4) New layback stroller. OK, so this is my new purchase. I bought a cheap layback stroller from Kmart yesterday. It's to use when I'm just with Luke (or when Jack wants to walk) and when I think he will be tired. Unlike Jack, Luke does like to sleep in the pram. I've been taking the Beema with me so he can sleep, but it is a bit hard to get in and out of some shops. Soooo, the 4th pram / stroller has joined us. And what does it need???? Well, a pramskin of course!!!

This is the one I chose. I think it'll look good!!

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