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Friday, November 2, 2012

On the home stretch

Did I mention I'm on maternity leave??? No? Well, I am!! And I love it! Loving that I don't have to find something to wear (where DO all my work clothes disappear to each morning??), get the boys ready, drop them off at daycare / Grandma's house / before school care, drive an hour or so in traffic, sit at a desk all day, turn around and drive home / pick up the boys.

I'm loving that I don't have to rush rush rush each morning. I can take my time getting the boys ready for kindy and school. I'm loving that I can stay local, unless I WANT to!

I'm now nearly 35 weeks. eeek!! I'm getting quite excited :) I saw my obstetrician today and I only have a few more appointments left until THE day. Woot!!!

Just now have to do a few more things around here and I'll be ready. Finish the baby's room, organise the house a bit, cook a few things for the freezer, do my Christmas shopping etc. Oh well, I've got time still.... just!

Here's my latest belly shots


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  1. Oh, look at you!! Beautiful. Enjoy your maternity leave and being on the home stretch..