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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Have I mentioned before how much I love 5?? Well, I do! Love this age. Jack is such a pleasure to be around and is so much fun.

I took him to the Art Gallery last week to see the Picasso exhibition and he really enjoyed it. He walked along beside me (most of the time!) and was such a pleasure.

 It surprises me, because when he was 3 I really didn't know how I was going to make it through being a parent... but here I am, still holding it together! Go me! hahaha!

Maybe it's because he's settled in so well at school? He's going so well and I'm really glad we decided to send him this year as it was the right choice for him. I love the school we chose too.

Today, I took him shopping with my sister. Younger Jack would NOT cope with shopping. But 5 year old Jack? He was awesome. We even found a pony ride for him to go on. And he loved it.

I love the boy he's become, but he is still my little baby :)


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  1. Oh wow 5 seems so grown up to me (and so far away)... I love how boys seem to have that magical ability to seem like our big grown up men and our darling little bubbies all at once!