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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Flea Market Finds - crochet blanket

In every op shop I go to, I rush to the part of the shop with the blankets hoping I'll come across a nice crochet blanket to put on my lounge. I've been searching for ages and have always been disappointed.

But not this week! I've finally found a gorgeous crochet blanket and I love it! The granny squares are all just plain colours with white borders and it's the perfect size for the lounge.

Play along and share any great flea market finds here


  1. your lucky moment! i know the feeling all too well. i've decided to crochet them myself. they take ages! ;)

  2. The blanket is so pretty, the colors make it such a happy one! Just perfect for spring. :)

  3. How lovely and perfect! It does always sadden me a little to think of the time, energy and love that goes into making such beautiful homecrafts, only to have them end up in an oppy. Still, it means that they will go on to be loved by someone new who appreciates them :)

  4. No Way! This is one of THE best finds I've EVER seen.
    I love the contrast of the colours with the white and am very, very, envious!
    Great shopping,

    x felicity