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Friday, July 30, 2010

Fabric order done!

Seeing as I've made it through most of the large pieces in my fabric stash (yes, I KNOW!?! How did that happen??) I have needed to do a fabric order.

Sounds easy, right?? Wrong! I have been trying to do this order for over a week now.

Things would go into my cart. Out of my cart. I changed stores. Changed back. I was dreaming of fabric. Thinking of fabric. Talking about fabric. And it's enough! ARGH!

I have, as of 2 minutes ago, when I should have been in bed, finally completed my fabric order. And it feels good!

I needed fabric for more of my bag bags that I make and needed fabric for more bunting flags for markets coming up and to list on my online stores.

Thanks to Hawthorne Threads my order is complete. Now starts the waiting game. Waiting for Mr Postman :)

Here's a few of the fabrics I ordered

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