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Sunday, July 3, 2011

My own little products - bag bag

You know what? I haven't really talked about my own little products for a while... and I think I will! I spend so many hours creating and sewing, so it's time to share. so there. lol

My favourite of my little items has always been my plastic bag holder. The bag bag. I really enjoy choosing the fabrics and making them up. It helps that others seem to like them too!

It's probably a great selling point that I have a few of them in use in my own house too. One with plastic bags to use for bin liners, one with tea towels and one with bibs. Now I don't have to search around in drawers for any of those things!

I've got them listed in my made it store and last night (after fighting with my computer for many many months trying to get etsy to work for me) I finally managed to reopen my etsy store. Yay!

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