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Thursday, June 24, 2010

My Creative Space - yo yo, yo yo, yo yo!

This week I've become addicted to making yo yos. I discovered them last week and now I just want to make more and more!

Here they are hanging out together before Mister 3 year old took them to play with them!

And here is a finished one with a covered button in the middle

And here's some cut out and ready to be worked on tonight when my sister comes over for craft night!

Have a fun, creative day! For more creative spaces, go to Kirsty's blog..... here!


  1. Isn't it funny how we all like different things? I like yo-yos to look at but can't stand making them! x

  2. Oooh, craft night sounds good! I have a pile of yo-yos in the cupboard. I started making a throw for my sister and then got side tracked with other projects. Perhaps I should pull them out again soon...

  3. They look hard to make! I like the one with the button in the middle.

  4. my sister is addicted to making them too. they are great as portable craft projects. seriously cute