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Monday, May 17, 2010

Best friends

Do you have a best friend??

I don't. And lately, I've been a bit down about it. I'd love to have someone who thinks of me and calls me just to tell me something they were thinking. Someone to hang on the lounge in daggy clothes with, watch trashy telly with, go on walks with, go shopping with, just hang out with. Someone who wants me around. A lot.

I used to have a best friend. We were besties for over 10 years. More like 13 years. They were great years. We laughed, cried, hung out, had fun, went everywhere together. Joined at the hip. Oh, we are still good mates, but somewhere we lost our way. I miss her. I miss that closeness. I miss having her to talk to on the phone every night. I often wonder what happened. Husbands? Kids? Life? Work? Households? I dunno what it was, but a little piece of me feels like it is missing.

Don't get me wrong, I have a great bunch of friends that I see regularly, but my heart craves a close girlfriend to lose myself with.


  1. Oh, I understand. My bestie (don't roll your eyes at me lol) is my hubbie. But while I can tell him nearly anything, while he walks with me and watches trashy telly with me (even a chick flick if I ask him nicely), he doesn't "get" shopping and well, he isn't a girl (I can vouch for that) I do have a bestie of nearly 25 years but she doesn't like shopping or chick flicks either and sin't good at girl talk. So I guess I just take the best of those people who love me and stick with me through thick and thin. I have the thoughts that you do occasionally but a lot of the time at this point in my life I am too busy and tired to miss that comraderie and bonding. Life has a funny way of throwing things at you when you least expect it so I hope it works out for you.

  2. Hugs - I know where you are coming from. We have moved so much in recent years that it is hard to call someone your besty. My best female friend has just run off and joined the Airforce - I am terribly happy for her and know that this is something that she really wanted to do. But I miss our chats, our every day walks and that our kids were born days apart and they have a bond that will never die. Oh, and I need an eye brow wax and she was the best at doing those. If you are in Brisbane I will be your besty - if not - you never know - I may just come to a town near you one of these years!

  3. Hey Sezzy!!! I will be your bestie!!!!! Although I will not share your passion for home and away!!!!! lol!!! You can call me for a chat anytime. I am looking forward to spending more time with you at our markets stalls and maybe we can 'do' something once a week in the evening?
    See you when I get back from hols xxxxxx

  4. I writhe with an insane kind of jealousy when anyone my age talks about their BFF. What ever happened to my chance at having a bestie at age 35? I'm not good at friendships; like most things I do I lack commitment and my friends often feel that I've forgotten about them, I never do, really, but I'm not great at keeping in touch.